Spearhead Projects

The City of Turku has three extensive spearhead projects derived from the city strategy:

1.    Development of the city centre
2.    Turku Science Park
3.    Smart and Wise Turku

1. Development of the city centre

Objectives: Creating a vision for a dynamic city centre and taking concrete measures to achieve it.

Key aspects:

  • increase in the appeal of the city centre as an investment
  • change in business structure and revival of central living
  • inclusion of business life and citizens
  • development of tourism and event operations
  • reinforcement of the status of culture and ensuring year-round vitality and enjoyable atmosphere
  • construction and transport solutions to the marketplace area

Development of the city centre

2. Turku Science Park

Objectives: Innovative development of jobs, services, housing, transport, and public city space at Kupittaa in co-operation with e.g. businesses and universities.

Key aspects:

  • utilisation of digitalisation and smart solutions
  • integration of travel chains and development of transport, supporting the One Hour Train project
  • operational integration of the area with the city centre
  • implementation of a new way of spatial thinking regarding working
  • creation of an all-year and 24-hour attractive urban environment

Turun Tiedepuisto - Turku Science Park

3. Smart and Wise Turku

Objectives: Using collected data to create new operational models in a way that actively involves citizens, clients, and stakeholders in the change.

Focal points:

1. Carbon neutrality and resource wisdom
2. Customership and Service Management
3. Safety
4. Urban planning
5. Transport and travel
6. Prevention of social excluSsion

Smart and Wise Turku

City Strategy Turku 2029