Check the latest recommendations and restrictions related to coronavirus in Turku e.g. in city services and hobby activities. (updated 17.5.2021)


Recommendations for all

  • Wear a mask.
  • Keep a safety distance of over two metres.
  • Wash and disinfect your hands.
  • Cough and sneeze into a single-use tissue or into your elbow.
  • Don’t go to work, school or other public facilities when you’re ill.
  • If you experience any symptoms, get tested: What to do if you suspect having caught the coronavirus infection
  • The maximum number of participants in indoor or outdoor events is 6. As the entire Southwest Finland region has entered the spreading phase, gathering restrictions are tightened.

Wearing masks is recommended in the area of the Southwest Finland Hospital District in accordance with the spreading stage recommendation of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. 

Recommendations for Southwest Finland can be found on the website of the Southwest Finland Hospital District: Coronavirus epidemic 2020, Southwest Finland Hospital District

An obligation for businesses and communities concerning avoidance of close contact from 6 March to 5 April 2021 

Operators are obliged to arrange the use of premises that are open to the public or intended for a limited group of customers or participants in such a way that close contact between persons can be avoided. The decision of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southwestern Finland applies to the following operators: 

  • private communities, foundations and other legal persons 
  • private traders 
  • municipalities and federations of municipalities 
  • religious communities 
  • public law bodies 

The decision is in force from 6 March to 31 May 2021. The decision applies to operators possessing indoor premises in which more than 10 customers or participants are present simultaneously as well as territorially limited outdoor premises used for purposes involving the simultaneous presence of more than 50 customers or participants. Such operators must make a written plan on how they will prevent close contact between persons. 

The following obligations apply; 

  • Customers and participants must have an opportunity to wash their hands.  
  • Customers and participants must be given instructions concerning adequate safety distances, washing hands and other measures preventing the spread of infections. 
  • Cleaning of premises and surfaces is enhanced beyond other existing regulations concerning cleaning in such premises. 
  • Operators must make sure that customers or participants are placed as well apart as possible considering the nature of activities in question. Potential customer seats must also be placed well apart.  
  • Customers must also be instructed clearly using instructions that are on display in customer premises. 

City of Turku Environmental Health is responsible for monitoring businesses and other operators possessing customer premises. Such operators are responsible for presenting the monitoring authority written plans on how they restrict contacts in their premises. 

Recommendations on wearing a mask

It is widely recommended to wear a mask: 

  • The City of Turku recommends using a mask in public spaces and in city of Turku service points. 
  • All passengers using Föli transport must wear a face mask from Monday 15 March 2021 onwards. The obligation does not apply to passengers aged under 12 or passengers who have health-related reasons for not wearing a mask.
  • Wearing a mask is recommended in upper secondary education and in comprehensive schools classes 3-9. The mask recommendation for grades 1-2 is waived (including afternoon activities), except in those schools that have had a large number of infections: Pansion koulu, Turun normaalikoulu, Lausteen koulu, Nummenpakan koulu and Varissuon koulu. 
  • In indoor sports facilities, wearing a mask is recommended for children over 12 years of age and obligatory for children over 15 years of age at all times apart from the sports activity itself. 
  • Wearing a mask is recommended in day-care centre hallways when bringing children to day care and when picking them up. 
  • Wearing a mask is particularly important when visiting health care service points. 
  • THL updated the mask recommendation – wearing a mask is now recommended for people over 12 years of age (THL, 11.1.2021)

Turku distributes masks in

  • Monitori Skanssi (on mon to thu 12 noon –6 pm ja fri11am–5pm)
  • Monitori Market Square (on weekdays 9 am–11 am and on Saturday 10 am–12 noon.)
  • Social services, Linnankatu 23, (Eskeli), (on weekdays 8.15 a.m.–3.45p.m.)

Recommendations for schools and daycare

  • Sring, End of term, End of school and Graduation celebrations at schools and educational institutes
    Celebrations can be organised only in small pupil/student groups if safety precautions and distances are taken care off at schools and institutes. Guardians are not allowed to be present in the celebrations.
  • For guardians of children in basic education: in force for the time being from 13 October onwards
    Day-care centres continue to operate as normal .From 13 October onwards, it has been recommended in Turku that parents wear a mask when bringing their child to day care and when picking them up. Day-care centre hallways often have little room, making it impossible to maintain safety distances. Considering the current coronavirus situation, the City of Turku Education Division recommends that parents should use a mask when they bring their child to day care and pick them up.
    Open day care and family clubs are closed 8 March onwards. 
  • Comprehensive school pupils: from 26 April 2021
    Lower comprehensive schools operate as normal. The recommendation to wear a face mask to coves all pupils in all grades in City of Turku schools. Grades 1-2 don't need to wear face masks 26 April onwards except in few schools.
    Upper comprehensive schools will switch from hybrid model to caontact teaching 26 April 2021.
    Lower comprehensive school clubs operate as normal with the coronavirus safety practices.
    School clubs in upper comprehensive schools are closed.
    Basic education morning and afternoon clubs operate as normal with the same practices that applied in January and February.
    For more information (e.g. school meals): in Wilma
  • Students in upper secondary education: from 26 April 2021.
    Vocational education and training will switch from hybrid model to contact teaching 26 April. Teaching for students who need special support, other essential teaching and competence demonstrations can also be arranged as contact teaching. Workplace-based learning will continue as planned.
    Upper secondary schools will switch from hybrid model to contact teaching 26 April 2021.
    Dance of the old "Vanhojentanssit": Moved from spring to early autumn. Each school chooses their own dates for the dance.
    For more information: in Wilma.
  • Finnish Adult Education Center of Turku and Åbo svenska arbetarinstitut:  
    Finnish Adult Education Center of Turku and “Arbis”, the Swedish Adult Education Center of Turku only offer distance teaching this spring.  

Using public spaces

  • The City of Turku recommends using masks in public spaces, in City of Turku services and in Föli buses. 
  • Föli transport: in force for the time being 
    Face mask required in Föli transport: All passengers using Föli transport must wear a face mask from Monday 15 March 2021 onwards. The obligation does not apply to passengers aged under 12 or passengers who have health-related reasons for not wearing a mask. Föli also advises passengers to keep more distance to others than usual at bus stops, inside the bus and when getting on the bus. Keeping safety distances in buses may not be possible during rush hours. If possible, travel outside rush hours (rush hours are between 7 am and 9 am as well as between 2 pm and 5 pm). Usually the most crowded buses include buses heading to the city centre of Turku in the morning and buses heading away from the city centre in the afternoon.
    Take care of hygiene by washing your hands often. Hand sanitizer is available on Föli buses. Please dispose of single-use masks adequately after use. Don’t leave the mask on your seat or in a bin inside the bus. More information on Föli website
  • Turku libraries: in force from 10.5.2021
    The library premises will be opened on 10.5., taking into account safety distances. You can access the material on the shelves yourself, and the reading places can be used. You can use computers and print / scan. The meeting and group study rooms are still closed and reserveable services can not be used. The branch libraries' self-service hours cannot be used. All events are arranged virtually.
    More information: The library's corona restrictions are eased
  • Turku City Museums: in force for the time being
    Pharmacy Museum and the Qwensel House, Biological Museum, Luostarinmäki, Turku Castle, WAM and Brinkkala Gallery are open to the public. All visitors need to book a timed slot for their visit in advance. The museum admission fee is paid at the museum’s ticket sales booth. The museums do not accept cash payments for the time being. Brinkkala Gallery can be visited without advance booking. Museum visitors are asked to please observe current coronavirus guidelines regarding safe distances and proper hand and coughing hygiene. The use of face masks is recommended to all visitors. Do not visit a museum if you have any cold or flu symptoms.
    The number of visitors is limited:
    Biological Museum: Admit up to 20 visitors at any one time.
    Brinkkala Gallery: Admit up to 10 visitors at any one time.
    Luostarinmäki: Admit up to 40 visitors at any one time.
    Pharmacy Museum and the Qwensel House: Admit up to 20 visitors at any one time.
    Turku Castle: Admit up to 60 visitors at any one time.
    WAM: Admit up to 40 visitors at any one time.

    Young people 12–29 yrs: Free admission until 31 May 2021.
  • Turku Philharmonic Orchestra: in force between 3.12.2020-20.5.2021
    Audience cannot attend concerts of Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Concerts during this time can be watched as live web emissions. Further information about concerts, programmes and compensations for tickets to cancelled concerts can be found at
  • Turku City Theatre: During spring season
    Turku City Theatre will cancel all shows and public events for the spring season. Further information about compensation for tickets to cancelled shows can be found of the website of Turku City Theatre.

Events and gatherings

  • Gathering restrictions: in force 15.5.-31.5.2021
    Public events: The maximum number of participants in indoor and outdoor events is 10.
    Private events: Private events involving more than 10 people should not be organised. 
    The maximum number of participants in outdoor gatherings is 10, in other words the same as in public events and general gatherings organised indoors. 

Recommendations on travel

  • Travelling to Uusimaa and other areas in the spreading phase: in force for the time being from 26 November onwards 
    Non-essential travel to Uusimaa and other areas in the spreading phase should be avoided. The same goes for entering Southwest Finland from these areas. This is to prevent the worsening of the pandemic situation in Southwest Finland (where the situation is, for the time being, slightly less severe). 
  • Restrictions on internal border traffic: 
    Entering Finland and travelling abroad
  • Passengers arriving in Turku
    Personal data forms and instructions for passengers arriving in Finland

Hobby activities

City of Turku sport facilities:

  • Swimming centres, gyms and Samppalinna Outdoor Swimming Pool shall open 11.5.2021.
  • Instructor-led activities outdoor, people under 20 years of age from 13.4.2021 in force.
  • Instructor-led activities indoor, people under 20 years of age  with safe distances and without close contact from 26.4.2021 in force.
  • Instructor-led activities of Sports Services for children and adolescents like Liike clubs and Mihi continue.
  • Exercise groups for adults outdoor, with safe distances and without close contact from 26.4.2021 in force.
  • Indoor ice rinks and other indoor sports facilities are closed for public.
  • Use of sports facilities, people over 20 years of age:
    Time slots reserved in indoor and outdoor sports facilities for activities of people aged over 20 are cancelled, apart from top sports activities: practice and competition activities of teams at international, national and first division level as well as professional practice and competition activities in individual sports aiming at international success.  
  • Outdoor sports facilities are open and available for independent training. The maximum number of participants in one group in outdoor courts and fields is 6. In one field there can be maximum 12 persons.
  • City of Turku youth facilities: until 28.3.2021
    Skanssi, Varissuo, Hansa, Halisnen, Ilpoinen, Aunela, Pansio, Runosmäki, Syvälahti ja Yli-Maaria  youth facilities will remain open, as they provide a space for distributing information on coronavirus and young people can meet safely there. Max. 10 customers/youth space.
    This means that, for instance, group activities involving close contact are avoided. Trips, cooking activities and visits to the cinema will not be organised. All events/reservations involving more than 10 people are cancelled.  Vimma is closed. The customers can´t be over 12 years old.

Restrictions in services for the elderly and high-risk groups 

  • Restrictions in Welfare Division group activities in services for the elderly and the disabled:  in force 
    In Welfare Division, restrictions affect group activities in services for the elderly and the disabled. In the facilities of wellbeing centres Ruusukortteli and Lehmusvalkama, activities are limited. Restaurants in wellbeing centres will be closed. 

Visiting City of Turku service points

  • The City of Turku recommends wearing a mask in all City of Turku service points.
  • Services for the elderly: from 26.4.2021
    In City of Turku services for the elderly, instructions have been made for visits of the next of kin in the facilities of housing services.
    A nurse accompanies the resident to the meeting and back, provides guidance for the next of kin and offers protective wear. During these visits, a surgical mask or a visor covering the entire face must be used throughout (obligatory). Using a surgical mask adequately requires that the mask covers the mouth as well nose. The mask should not be removed and then put back on. Don’t touch the mask during use. If the next of kin and resident go outside the unit, they are advised to maintain good hand hygiene and wear a surgical mask in public spaces.
  • Visits of the next of kin to Turku City Hospital and Kaskenlinna Hospital: from 23.4.2021 onwards - in force for the time being
    On 22 April 2021, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare issued guidelines regarding hospital visits. The restrictions regarding hospital visits have been lifted, but as the coronavirus epidemic continues, the visits must still be organised safely. For this reason, it is important to follow the instructions regarding hospital visits. Read more: Restrictions regarding hospital visits have been lifted - instructions for safe visits
  • Child welfare clinics: in force for the time being from 14 October onwards 
    Turku recommends wearing a mask when visiting the clinic. 

Recommendation on remote work

  • The recommendation to work remote remains in force in Southwest Finland in accordance with the decision in principle of the Council of State. According to the recommendation, employees should work remote if their tasks allow it. Working arrangements that help reduce close contact and other risk factors at the workplace should be advanced.